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Stack Flexo

Specially designed High speed advanced Stack flexo printing machine with speed range upto 200 mts/min.

Corona Treated Plastic Films, HMHDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, Polypropylene, Polyester, Pearlised Polyester, B.O.P.P, Pearlised B.O.P.P, Thin Foam sheets, Paper and Aluminum Foils, etc.

Hassel free job changing with shaft less unwind and rewind to reduce the downtime and increase productivity.

•    Forward inching facility(Jogging)
•    Auto stop for Web break
•    Temperature controller for heater ensures power saving
•    Control panel with Digital AC drive
•    Impression rollers are dynamically balanced, ground and hard chrome plated
•    Timing Belt drive for reduced play, smooth movement and long life
•    Silent and powerful drying system
•    Web guide system
•    Auto Throw ON – Throw OFF for plate cylinder
•    Continuous rotation of Inking rollers with hydraulic motors
•    Powerful Exhaust System( % motor Drive Tension Control System)
•    Chambered Doctor Blade System
•    Ceramics Anilox Rolls
•    Ink Pumps


Web widths

510mm to 1510mm

Print widths

410mm to 1410mm

Printing Repeats

230mm to 1000mm

Printing Possibilities

8+0, 7+1, 6+2, 5+3, 4+4

Maximum Mechanical Speed

150mpm to 180mpm

Floor Space


6 mtrs.


3.8 mtrs.


4.5 mtrs


7,500 kgs (approx)


•    Flexo Printing Press for ZIP LOCK BAGS
•    Flexo Printing Press for WOVEN SACKS (Roll to Roll)
•    Rotogravure Printing Press
•    Laminaters/Coater (Wet/Dry)
•    Slitters/Rewinders

Ratogravure Printing Machine

Advanced Rotogravure Printing machines offered with fully automated registration control system along wioth web video to print perfect your imagination at high speed. We offer range of  Multicolor Rotogravure pringing press with mechanical line shaft (MLS) printing technology.

The machine is quipped with shaft less unwind rewind station along with turret to quick change the substrate (film roll). All the press designed by sparx is commited to run at high efficiency with least power consumption.

All the printing stations are designed such a compact way, which provides handy electrical and pneumatic controls on frame structure along with joystck for registration setting.

Distinctively designed and precisely machined, strong and sturdy steed frame structure ensures less vibration and long dependable life of the machine even at optimum line speed.

All the printing units, unwind, rewind, in-feed and out-feed, are individually driven by servo motors. Syncronization between all the drives is being done to respond to commands faster.

Master operator control panel with touch screen operator interface, located at rewind shaft and remote operator control panel at unwind side, facilitates easy operation from both the end of machine.






Unwind & Rewind Turrent
Slitter Machine

Paper Slitting Machine:

We are manufacturing and supplying a wide array of excellent quality Paper Slitting Machine. Due to their accurate dimensions, optimum performance, easy installation and robust construction these machines are highly appropriated by the clients. Ranges of our Easy Tear Slitting Machines are completely tested in various quality standards by our experienced experts.


Slitting width: Min. 10mm.....
Machine speed: 350 to 450 M/min

Tape Slitting Machine:

We are a reputed manufacturer and supplier of a highly durable range of Tape Slitting Machine. Ranges of these machined products are highly demanded by the clients due to their superior quality, Sturdiness, durability and easy installation and can also be customized as per the client specification. Strict quality control production procedure is followed by our experts to manufacture there products.


Slitting width: Min. 20mm
Machine speed: 0-150 M/min
Motor: 7.5HP

Woven Sack Printing Machines

we are offering optimum quality Flexographic Woven Sack Printing Machine that is used to print on corrugated sheets, boards and paper. Offered machine is manufactured using quality tested components and ultra modern technology with the quality standards. Further, our provided machine is highly acclaimed in the market for its ergonomic design and reliable operations.


Smooth finish
Efficient performance
Sturdy construction

SPL Converting Machinery

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